Individual Tax

Dealing with any issues related to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for individuals

For most people, the thought of the IRS contacting them can be a scary encounter.  You assumed that you filed your taxes the correct way, but it appears that you are being audited or the IRS has informed you that their records indicate that you owe unpaid taxes. The U.S. Tax Code is voluminous and tax rules and regulations typically change every year. When you encounter issues with the IRS, you need an experienced attorney and also the benefit of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  At Wooden Law Firm, we not only have experienced tax attorneys, but we have experienced CPAs on staff as well to assist you with all your individual tax matters.

The attorneys and CPAs at Wooden Law Firm have been instrumental for their clients in working with the IRS to alleviate or reduce unpaid taxes.  Wooden Law Firm has also been successful in working with clients regarding any tax-related matters which could also affect future estate planning.  

At Wooden Law Firm, we also work with clients to develop tax-planning methods and strategies to avoid potential issues with the IRS on the front end and to maximize your tax savings through effective planning.  

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