IRS Audit Attorney

Many tax disputes arise when the IRS performs an audit on one or several tax returns submitted in the past. If the IRS notifies you of an audit, it’s time to hire a tax attorney immediately.

Defense Against IRS Audits

At Wooden Law Firm, our tax attorneys have extensive experience with IRS audits and disputes. Our team helps provide defense against IRS audits through:

  • Communication with the IRS on client’s behalf
  • Presence during IRS audit
  • Negotiation of settlement
  • Reassurance of not over paying in taxes to the IRS

IRS Audit FAQ’s

What is an IRS Audit?

An IRS audit is a review of an individual or company’s financial information to confirm that the information submitted to the IRS is correct and aligns with tax laws.

What happens when you get audited by the IRS?

The IRS auditing process depends on whether you are receiving the tax audit via mail or whether it’s an in-person audit. Mail tax audits tend to be minor and can be solved by submitting paperwork through the mail. In-office audits are reviews where the consumer goes to meet the IRS representative. Lastly, if you’re chosen for a field audit, an IRS agent will come to your home or business and conduct an in-depth investigation.

Do I need a tax attorney for an IRS audit?

Yes. What you say to an IRS representative can be used against you in audit proceedings so don’t speak to the IRS without the support of a tax attorney. If you’ve already received the audit without legal representation, you still have time. You can still contest the audit through an IRS Appeal or in U.S. Tax Court.

How does the IRS notify you of an audit?

If you are chosen for an IRS audit, the IRS will notify you with an audit letter. If you receive one of these letters you should contact our tax attorneys immediately.

When does the IRS audit?

The IRS typically includes tax returns within the last three years in an audit. However, if there are substantial errors found, they may add more years.

How can I avoid an IRS audit?

Below are just a few tips on avoiding an IRS audit. If you have more questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact our tax attorneys.

  1. Double check your return
  2. Be honest
  3. Avoid unusual or unrealistic deductions
  4. File your return electronically
  5. Include explanations

Can I fight an IRS audit?

Yes. As a taxpayer, you have the full right to build a case and gather legal assistance before your meeting with the IRS.

What do I need for an IRS audit?

The result of an audit can depend on how organized your paperwork and records are. Expect to bring paperwork like W-2s, 1099s, receipts, bank statements, dividend statements and appraisal records for other assets.

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