Estate Planning & Administration

Expanding your family or passing of a family member – Preparing for the future

It’s something that many put off until it is needed the most – planning for the future.  No one wants matters concerning their estate to be determined by the state courts.  Take matters into your own hands and plan for your future by allowing Wooden Law Firm to assist you in developing a comprehensive estate plan including a Last Will and Testament or trust that will provide you with peace of mind that your loved loves will be provided for in the manner you desire.

Some of the questions below should be addressed to ensure that matters are taken care of in a way that you desire.

  • Who will take care of your children?
  • Who will care for your pets?
  • How will your estate be distributed?
  • What happens to my estate if I get divorced?
  • Will my life insurance be transferred through probate or outside of probate?

You may also be thinking that you don’t have a large estate or children and why would you need this service.  Even if you are in this situation, you still need a Will or Trust, Power of Attorney, and a Living Will.  These legal documents allow you to direct how your property should be distributed and to whom and will enable you to dictate who will make important medical and financial decisions for you in the event of your death or in a time where you may not be able to make cognitive decisions due to a medical illness.  

When you make the decision to contact the attorneys at Wooden Law Firm, during our initial interview, we will get to know you, your family and the intentions you have for the future.  The attorneys at Wooden Law Firm genuinely care for their clients and will take the time to discuss your life to ensure that legal documents are drafted to accomplish your desired actions, exactly the way you intend.

 Why choose Wooden Law Firm for your estate planning needs?

  • We are affordable
  • We are dedicated to our clients
  • We are passionate and understanding in difficult times
  • We are dependable and responsive to our clients

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