Escrow Services

An escrow is an arrangement in which a neutral third party, called an escrow closer, holds the legal documents and funds on behalf of the buyer and seller.

Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC is a special division of Wooden Law Firm that specializes in closing and escrow services to distribute funds and documents according to the agreed upon instructions. With a full service real estate legal team on site, we're able to go above and beyond in ensuring a smooth closing no matter the situation.

We offer the following escrow services:

  • Full Service Escrow Agent
  • Buyer/Seller Representation
  • Lender Representation
  • 1031 Exchange Service
  • Title Insurance Preparation

Do I Need to Open an Escrow?

In both the commercial or residential real estate market, opening an escrow can be highly beneficial to all parties involved. It provides protection and convenience for both the buyer & seller. Both can move forward separately and utilize the escrow for the central contact.

Title Services & Lender Title Insurance

Our title company and law firm have substantial expertise in preparing complex loan documentation pertaining to loan closings, troubled loan workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcy matters in both the individual and commercial markets.

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Our mission is to provide title and escrow services that facilitate residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our commitment to continued growth allows us to continually expand our range of services to customers to ensure our position as a leader in our industry. Contact our team today!

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