Quieting Title

Answers to common questions on what to do when there is a "cloud" on a property title.
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Owner’s Title Insurance vs. Lender’s Title Insurance

One of the most common questions we get at Wooden Title & Escrow is: What is the difference between owner’s & lender’s title insurance? Both policies protect the recipient if there’s a defective title. The main difference is that Lender’s Title Insurance covers the lender and its interest in its collateral, loses value as the mortgage is paid, and expires when the mortgage is paid off. While Owner’s Title Insurance covers the land owner for the full amount of the purchase and does not expire upon the sale of the property.
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Who Pays for Title Insurance?

In just about every state, the buyer is required to pay for the loan policy, or lender’s title insurance. However, the party responsible for paying an owner’s title insurance policy can vary from state to state. Your lender will usually include this information as part of the loan application and closing process.
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What Happens If You Don't File Your Taxes?

Attorney & Certified Accountant Tracy Wooden speaks on what happens if you don't pay your taxes.
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Title Insurance FAQs

Wooden Law Firm has a specific division completely dedicated to Real Estate Law - Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC. Our real estate legal team is an authorized policy-issuing agent for Old Republic Title Insurance Company. Read through the most common questions buyers & sellers have when purchasing title insurance.
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