T.C.A. § 28-2-109 & 110: Will paying property taxes give me ownership to a piece of property?

Will paying property taxes give me ownership to a piece of property? What is “rebuttable presumption” of title? What is “assurance of title”? What is “ouster”? Presumptive ownership and clouds on title
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What are Restrictive Covenants and Equitable Servitudes?

In Tennessee, property owners can control the use of real property through the creation of restrictions known as restrictive covenants and equitable servitudes. These restrictions can be made to “run with the land” and restrict a property’s current and future use, even after the property passes into the hands of subsequent owners.
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Adverse Possession

When working with real estate, disputes often arise in cases where a trespassing non-owner has been in possession or use of another party’s property. In these situations claims for adverse possession may be raised by the non-owner to gain title to the contested property.
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Quieting Title

Answers to common questions on what to do when there is a "cloud" on a property title.
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Owner’s Title Insurance vs. Lender’s Title Insurance

One of the most common questions we get at Wooden Title & Escrow is: What is the difference between owner’s & lender’s title insurance? Both policies protect the recipient if there’s a defective title. The main difference is that Lender’s Title Insurance covers the lender and its interest in its collateral, loses value as the mortgage is paid, and expires when the mortgage is paid off. While Owner’s Title Insurance covers the land owner for the full amount of the purchase and does not expire upon the sale of the property.
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