Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC

Buying or building a house or business, refinancing, remodeling or other title matters

As Chattanooga real estate lawyers and title attorneys, Wooden Title & Escrow can help with every step of the real estate process, from negotiating purchase and sale agreements to preparing title insurance and issuing policies. Whether buying, selling or refinancing a residential home, investment property, commercial property, vacant land, condominium or townhome, we are the answer for title and escrow services.

Most of our services in this area are performed in tandem with each other, but may also be offered separately if a client needs something specific.

Closing & Escrow Services

Licensed in Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia

If buying, selling or refinancing a residential or commercial property, our staff will ensure the closing process is handled properly and in a professional manner. Wooden Title & Escrow has years of experience in the real estate law field and can serve as an escrow closer to distribute funds and documents according to the agreed upon instructions.

Title Services & Lender Title Insurance

Our title company and law firm have substantial expertise in preparing complex loan documentation pertaining to loan closings, troubled loan workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcy matters in both the individual and commercial markets.

Read more about our Title Insurance Services.

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Our superior customer service and communication with our customers throughout the real estate process is a cornerstone of our success and we are confident that we can go above and beyond to help you.