Bankruptcy Attorney

Whether you are in an unexpected financial situation related to your personal life or business, our bankruptcy attorneys can help you navigate through to a solution.

Am I Eligible for Bankruptcy?

Finding out if you’re the right candidate for bankruptcy is the first step to see if you’re eligible. If the burden caused by debt has left you with little to pay it back, then bankruptcy may be the key to debt relief. Whether it’s reorganization or liquidation, Wooden Law Firm’s bankruptcy attorneys are here to assist and provide a seamless and swift experience.

Types of Bankruptcy

We offer legal guidance on the following types of bankruptcy:

What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me?

Bankruptcy is the opportunity to begin anew and end harassment from debt collectors, wage garnishment, and repossession. By filing for bankruptcy, creditors cannot lawfully contact you and garnishments will cease. If you’re a business owner, bankruptcy is a way to establish a repayment plan and still keep operations running.

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