Tax Attorney FAQs

What does a tax attorney do?

Our tax attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex realm of tax codes and related laws and rules. This enables us with our ability to handle a variety of tax-related matters for individuals and businesses such as estate tax planning, IRS tax disputes and structuring business entities. 

How much does a tax attorney cost?

We charge a very reasonable hourly rate for our legal services. If you think you have a tax matter, contact our attorneys and we can consult with you on what your next steps should be. Keep in mind that it is usually more cost-effective in the long run to hire a tax attorney than to deal with the IRS yourself. Our combined experience provides us with the knowledge of how the IRS truly works and can help get your tax issues on the fast track to resolution.

When should I hire a tax attorney?

Having a tax attorney on your side who is an expert in their field can go a long way in making a difficult process easier to handle. If you’re facing a tax audit, tax appeal, tax collection, tax penalty or a bankruptcy involving taxes, contact Wooden Law Firm for legal help.

How can a tax attorney help me?

Our tax attorneys can represent individuals in Tax Court, District Court, Federal Claims Court and even Bankruptcy Court. We also have the experience and ability to represent and assist accountants should they need legal advice for an IRS issue.

What happens if I don’t file my taxes?

Is a CPA the same as a tax attorney?

No, a CPA is not the same as a tax attorney. Each serve clients for different purposes using different skill sets. A CPA is a certified public accountant who provides general accounting services and understands how to best prepare your tax returns from the outset given your individual circumstances. A tax attorney is not necessarily an accountant but may be. However, a tax attorney goes a step further by knowing not only the tax codes, but also the laws and administrative rules surrounding the enforcement of those codes. 

A tax attorney’s experience allows them to understand how the IRS interprets and enforces those laws and rules. Tax attorneys are also well trained in adversarial proceedings, including negotiations with the IRS. That is why, at Wooden Law Firm, we have both tax attorneys AND CPAs under the same roof to provide our clients with a one stop shop for tax help.

How to hire a tax attorney?

Simply call our office at (423) 756-9972 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys or submit an online form to set up an in-person initial consultation. Our tax attorneys paired with our in-house accountant provide a unique opportunity to have all your tax related needs met in one place.

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