Land Use Law

Dealing with situations related to zoning, easements, trespassing matters and regulations encountered in the use and development of real estate.

Whether you are developing vacant property and need to understand various zoning regulations or have issues with your current property, you need to contact an attorney who is experienced in land use law.

Wooden Law Firm has more than a quarter century of experience in land use law and has a record of winning zoning cases in various states. The attorneys at Wooden Law Firm will walk you through your legal rights at it relates to the real estate matter you are facing and develop a strategic plan to meet your needs. The attorneys at Wooden Law Firm are experienced in working with various city officials, municipalities, zoning authorities and local community leaders to obtain the results clients need for their real estate matters.

The attorneys at Wooden Law Firm also have years of experience dealing with easements, boundary line disputes, trespassing and other issues that frequently arise regarding real estate and its use.

Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC

Wooden Law Firm has a specific division completely dedicated to Real Estate Law – Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC. Our real estate legal team paired with our in-house accountant provide a unique opportunity to get all legal needs in one place.

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