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In the United States, every year, approximately 1.25 million burn injuries occur that require medical attention.1 Whether the victim experiences a mild or severe burn, the personal injury complications can be dire. First- and second-degree burns are extremely painful because the nerves that transmit pain triggers are still intact. Third-degree burns tend to not be as painful but come with their own set of complications. Loss of fluids can lead to depletion in blood volume and low blood pressure which can result in death in severe cases.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns can result from an accident or from negligent, irresponsible behavior. In most cases, a burn injury can be avoided by following proper safety protocols and regulations.

Causes of burn injuries can include:

Burns can cause scars, disfigurement and not to mention intense emotional damage. In some cases, a severe burn can even cause ARDS, or Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.


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