Title Insurance

Our collaborative teams at Wooden Title & Escrow and Wooden Law Firm, P.C. have substantial expertise in preparing complex loan documentation pertaining to loan closings, troubled loan workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcy matters in both the individual and commercial markets.

We offer title insurance for purchasers as well as mortgage title insurance for lending institutions. If you’re a homeowner, we recommend that you have title insurance for your mortgage as well as title insurance for yourself.

Title Services

Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC offers the following Title services:

  • Title Insurance Policies
  • Title Officer
  • Title Search & Examination
  • Full Abstract & Title
  • Limited Title Search
  • Land Contract
  • Leases and Assignments

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance policies give you a guaranteed clean title – or a title that poses no question to legal ownership. This is important especially in real estate purchases because residential and commercial properties, and even land, pass through many hands before the title passes to a new owner. We would not recommend buying a home, business or piece of land without title insurance. Titles can contain mistakes and title insurance covers you if there are any issues.

At Wooden Title & Escrow, we offer the following types of Title Insurance Policies:

  • Homeowners title insurance
  • Commercial title policies
  • Leaseholder’s title insurance
  • Lenders title insurance
  • Owners title insurance

How does Title Insurance work?

Title Insurance is a one-time-only fee that insures that the purchaser is the owner of the property and that it is free from all defects, liens and encumbrances except those items listed as exceptions in the policy or excluded from the scope of the policy’s coverage. It also covers losses and damages suffered if the title is unmarketable, or if there is no right of access to the land.

Do I need Title Insurance?

You may be wondering – ‘Why do I need title insurance? Can’t I just do a chain of title and verify that it looks clean?’ That may seem logical but in our years of experience, we know how often titles seem clean and then are derailed by a small detail or mistake. Sometimes the document is simply prepared incorrectly or miss-filed in the register’s office.

Mortgage Title Insurance

As a buyer, you’ll aso need title insurance for your Mortgate. Mortgage companies require mortgage title insurance policies that insure them up to the amount of the mortgage. You should apply for this policy as well as the owner’s title insurance. Typically, the mortgage company will do a simultaneous issue and give you both policies. Check with us to see if a reissue rate is available for your title policy. If the seller purchased the home within recent years and has title insurance, you may be eligible for a discount.


Contact Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC

Wooden Law Firm has a specific division completely dedicated to Real Estate Law – Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC. Our real estate legal team is an authorized policy-issuing agent for Old Republic Title Insurance Company. If you’re looking for title insurance or are buying a home or commercial property, contact Wooden Title & Escrow today to learn more about how we can help with the process.