Wooden Law Firm has a specific division completely dedicated to Real Estate Law – Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC. Our real estate legal team is an authorized policy-issuing agent for Old Republic Title Insurance Company. If you’re looking for title insurance or are buying a home or commercial property, contact Wooden Title & Escrow today to learn more about how we can help with the process. 

Below are the top 10 reasons you can trust Wooden Title & Escrow, LLC and Old Republic with your Title Insurance.

1. Agency Risk Management & Mitigation (ARMM)

We have long-standing, robust Agency Risk Management and Mitigation (ARMM) policies which include an in-depth agent application process, continuous monitoring activities, ongoing on-site auditing procedures, annual agent risk assessment and routine background and/or credit review.

2. Compliant Programs

All of our ARMM programs and control environments are acknowledged and accepted by both lenders & regulators.

3. ALTA Best Practices

Continuous training, educational programs, self-help tools and resources including a website dedicated to promoting, adopting, implementation, compliance and acceptance of ALTA’s Best Practices framework.

4. Network of Professionals

Experienced business professionals who maintain Old Republic Title’s (ORT) continuous monitoring activities of authorized agents.

5. Over 100 years of experience!

Strength and stability for over a century! Never focusing on the short-term, we’ve always been in business for the long haul.

6. Statutory Reserves

Statutory reserves and surplus are 15.1 times the five-year average claim payments* – the strongest of all the national title insurance underwriters! We stand behind our policyholders.

7. Commitment to Integrity

ORT has a hard-earned reputation for doing things right. We don’t cut corners and never have. The longevity of ORT is due in large part to our commitment to our core values of integrity, ethics, and dedication to service and support.

8. Financial Strength

Since 1992, no other title insurer has had higher overall ratings than the Old Republic Title Insurance Group. No other title insurer can make that claim.

9. Agency Auditors

85+ full-time agency auditors supplemented by our agency risk and compliance department and corporate internal audit department that provide additional layers of control.

10. Real Time Updates

24/7 on-line “active and good standing title agent validation.”